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Fall Morning Worksheets

Need fast and fun worksheets for your students? These morning printouts will help your preschoolers and kindergarteners can start their day in an engaging and mentally stimulating way. They will practice numbers, letters, patterns and ordering. Plus, you and your … Continue reading

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Positive Impact of Preschool Education

Some families choose to enroll their child in pre-school education before they enter kindergarten. Programs run on a variety of weekly schedules. Some meet a few days a week for a half-day class, while some are full time.As opposed to … Continue reading

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A Mom’s Guide to Decluttering: Why My Kids Gave Up Almost All Their Toys

I have a habit of starting most mornings before the sun. I like to move through the house in the dark, avoiding artificial light as much as possible. I usually slip outside to watch the stars…read more

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Benefits of Preschool Education

Before children enter kindergarten, families often choose to enroll their son or daughter in a preschool education program to get a head start on their classroom education. There is plenty of research to support the benefits of preschool education. This … Continue reading

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