Benefits of Preschool Education

Before children enter kindergarten, families often choose to enroll their son or daughter in a preschool education program to get a head start on their classroom education. There is plenty of research to support the benefits of preschool education. This research, however, points not to only to growth cognitively, but to immense growth of character. Preschool may, in fact, make your child a better person. Here are some ways that preschool positively impacts children’s development:


In a preschool classroom, children must learn to raise their hand in order to speak, take turns with toys and listen to the teacher’s instructions. Children learn that they must follow the classroom rules. They adjust to having the teacher’s attention split between the other students in the room. Conforming to these rules and patterns can be difficult for children, especially if they are not accustomed to a strict schedule at home. Preschool sets students up to be good students.


As opposed to childcare, which entails supervision and entertainment during the day, preschool actively engages children with intellectual stimulation. Preschool teachers read books out loud, let children finger paint the letters of the alphabet and build towers with colored blocks. Young children learn through play. Preschool gives them the opportunity to ask questions about the world, while exposing them to new ideas like numbers, letters and shapes.


In a preschool classroom, separated from their mothers, children must become independent. It is difficult for some children to let go of their mothers when they are dropped off at preschool, but as time progresses, they learn to self-soothe and enjoy their time away. In the classroom, children learn how to calm themselves after an argument or outburst.

Enrolling your child in an accredited preschool education program prepares them for school and increases their likelihood of a successful future. Visit this website to find out more about private preschool classes in Cary.

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